Check it Off

We asked current seniors to help us compile a list of things all Carleton students should do before they graduate. How many items on the list can you check off? How many do you even recognize?


  • Eat breakfast at the Tavern
  • Go to Farmington Steak House
  • Eat an entire Boonie Boonie Burger at Boonie’s Bar & Grill in Faribault
  • Bake cookies at Dacie’s
  • Go to Sunday brunch at Dacie’s
  • Attend Chili Night


  • Play Quiz Night trivia at the Contented Cow
  • Hang out upstairs at the Rueb
  • Do the beer mile
  • Party in the Libe
  • Party in an academic building
  • Party at Farm House


Be merry

  • Go to Mai Fête
  • Take social dance
  • Stand under the whirring blades of the turbine
  • Shake your booty at Ebony
  • Shake your booty at Silent Dance Party
  • Attend Spring Concert
  • Frolic in the Boliou fountain
  • Play Strip Jenga
  • Have a movie night with friends at Sumo
  • Sunbathe on the football field 

Then sleep (preferably at night)

  • Sleep in the Arb
  • Sleep in the Libe
  • Sleep on the roof of the Chapel
  • Sleep on the Bald Spot
  • Have a sleepover
  • Share a single dorm bed
  • Sleep in on Sunday

sleepGet acquainted

  • Chat with a professor in the aisle at Econofoods
  • Have tea with President Oden
  • Bake cookies and share them with friends (or strangers)
  • Spend three consecutive hours in Sayles on a Friday
  • Send a Friday Flower to a secret crush
  • Invite a professor to lunch

Don’t forget the part where you learn something

  • Take a course in a subject you know nothing about
  • Learn to play a musical instrument that you’ve never heard of (like the mbira)
  • Underload
  • Take a class from history professor Harry Williams
  • Go to a physics comps talk
  • Study in the CMC until the custodians arrive at 5:00 a.m.


Expand your horizons

  • Observe the stars in Goodsell
  • Travel abroad
  • Explore a tunnel
  • Stay on campus over the summer
  • Write an editorial for the Carletonian
  • Write for the CLAP (the Carleton Literary Association Publication)
  • Dig in at one of the campus gardens
  • Go inside every single building on campus at least once
  • Go vegetarian for a week
  • Have an existential crisis 

Get to know Northfield

  • Attend a town meeting
  • Volunteer
  • Attend Defeat of Jesse James Days

Voice Spring 2010Oh! And get some exercise, too

  • Ride a yellow bike
  • Skate on the Bald Spot
  • Toss a Frisbee
  • Play Quidditch
  • Play Ultimate Frisbee
  • Play Rotblatt—all day
  • Ride your bike on the Cannon Valley Trail
  • Sled down Bell Hill
  • Play broomball
  • Run laps on the outdoor track (clothing optional)
  • Do the triathlon
  • Climb the oak trees on the Hill of Three Oaks

StreakLive dangerously

  • Steal Schiller
  • Streak—in winter
  • Tube on the Cannon River
  • Go swimming in the Cannon
  • Walk on Lyman Lakes (when they’re frozen, of course)
  • Climb to the top of the Chapel bell tower
  • Dance naked at a Sayles dance
  • Get lost in the Arb
  • Fight against Res Life in order to reduce a fine

Score Yourself

60–80 Woo hoo! You’ve totally embraced the Carleton milieu.
40–59 Maybe you spent a little too much time studying.
20–39 Oh, well. There’s always Reunion.
1–19 Are you sure we’re talking about the same place?
0 “I just picked this up in my doctor’s waiting room. Who are you people?”

What does this mean, kids? *

  • Write some Vinayak graffiti in a bathroom stall
  • Take your shirt off at midnight during “Like a Prayer”
  • Book Across the Bay
  • Play Settlers of Catan—any beverage welcome
  • Have a Malory Family Fun Night 

* Carleton students fill us in.

  • Famous for its humor, Vinayak graffiti invents legends about Vinayak Jithendranathan ’08 and has been spotted in bathrooms as far away as Paris.
  • Stripping to Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” is a long-standing Carleton party tradition.
  • Book Across the Bay is a 10K cross-country ski race across the Chequamegon Bay in Ashland, Wisconsin.
  • A German board game, Settlers of Catan has sold more than 15 million copies and been translated into 30 languages.
  • The Malory family stars in a series of steamy historical romance novels by Johanna Lindsey.

What did we forget? Send your list of things every student should do to

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