Looking for Love

By Nora Cassidy ’13

love-o-meterPart Dating Game, part Bachelorette, the popular KRLX radio show Holly French Finds Love: Sarah Allan edition recently finished its third season.

The show first aired winter term 2011 and featured its namesake: Holly French ’13 (O’ Fallon, Missouri). Its premise is simple: KRLX disc jockeys select an unattached woman and then interview two men on air each week throughout the term. The DJs rate each guy on a scale of 1 to 10 based on his answers to questions such as: “How would you introduce yourself to her parents?” The top three scorers go on dates with the bachelorette at the end of term. DJs interview her about the dates on the show’s finale and pick the winner.

Unlike the Dating Game, however, the dates are unchaperoned and are paid for by the participants. On this season’s finale, bachelorette Sarah Allan ’13 (Knoxville, Tenn.) talked about her dates to the Sayles Café, Goodbye Blue Monday Coffee House, and Burton Dining Hall before the DJs chose her new love: Jonny Knowles ’14 (Alton Hants, Hampshire, United Kingdom).

“My money is on the British accent,” he says when asked to explain his win. “She didn’t seem to hate me, but it felt like an arbitrary decision by the DJs. I don’t get bragging rights.”

As for the date itself, given that it was ninth week and both were busy, he and Allan ended up talking at Sayles for an hour between two other meetings she had. “There wasn’t a cashier so I couldn’t even order a hot drink, which meant I couldn’t sip it to cover the awkwardness,” says Knowles.

“It was awkward, actually,” agrees Allan. “We’re both pretty shy. But he has a great sense of humor, and I appreciated that he likes bio. We talked about bio a lot.”

Although the two don’t plan to date each other again—none of the contestants have found lasting love—Allan says she recommends the experience. “It’s a fun way to meet people and, you know, I could have found love.”

In any case, KRLX plans to continue the show indefinitely. “We like to say that we are opening people’s hearts to love,” says DJ Anna Callahan ’13 (Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.). “But also, deep down, I think we just like meddling in people’s lives.”

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