Carl Quiz: Tasha Rhoads ’12

Tasha Rhoads '12 

The Cave is my favorite thing about Carleton,” says Tasha Rhoads ’12 (St. Paul). “It provides free live music to everyone. A live show is a completely different experience from listening to an album at home. It’s much better.” As the Cave’s general manager, Rhoads spends plenty of time at her favorite place. She hires and supervises 12 to 15 Cave employees, manages the budget, and stocks all food and beverages.

Rhoads started working behind the counter at the Cave when she was a sophomore. “I loved it so much that I asked Richard Hwang ’10—then general manager—how I could get his job,” she says. “He said, ‘Come to every show and make sure I know that you want it more than anyone else.’ I did, and he picked me.” Now in her second year as manager, Rhoads still likes to work every show, even though it’s no longer in her job description.

We caught up with Rhoads at intermission and gave her the Carl Quiz.

Favorite show: Little Dragon. The front woman has a unique singing style. I like booking shows that push the boundaries of what people know. They have to go a little out of their comfort zone and trust that it will be great.

LettuceFive bands Rhoads would love to book:

  1. Bonjay
  2. Flying Lotus
  3. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
  4. Moby
  5. Gorillaz

Weirdest moment: We were cleaning up after last year’s Halloween dance and there was lettuce everywhere. I still wonder what costume required so much lettuce.

Cost to book a band in the cave: We pay anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to about $3,000. Bands understand that we’re a college venue, so they make exceptions for us. We offer perks like meals if we really want them to come.

Best snack sold at the cave: pumpkin pie pop-tarts

Top five music venues in the twin cities:

  1. 7th Street Entry
  2. Turf Club
  3. Varsity Theater
  4. First Avenue (Mainroom)
  5. Triple Rock Social Club

Hardest part of the job: Sometimes I have to kick people out or stop them from bringing in alcohol. I don’t like reprimanding people, but I have to keep things under control.

Goals for this academic year: To work with student organizations to get input from a wider variety of students, and to encourage my booking manager and sound manager to let their creative ideas out.


  • March 14 2012 at 1:52 pm
    j.r. wilson

    i just went on line and played Little Dragon's "Twice" after reading about them in the Winter 12 Voice

    i'm really glad Tasha mentioned the group. Lovely, lovely, hauntly, lyrical music.

    as a 60 year old history professor here in houston, i intend to share this wonderful music with my own kids and my students.

    thanxz Tasha


    j.r. wilson

    Ripon 73', Carleton 74' [but i flunked out of both]

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