BS-Haley-Johnson-Photo-Christopher-Burt-'14.jpgStudent: Haley Johnson ’13

Hometown: Golden Valley, Minn.

Major: Cinema and media studies

Role: Carleton style guru for, a blog about the latest college fashion styles and trends on campuses around the world

Take on fashion: “Fashion is a form of self-expression and also just a way to have fun.”

Motivation: “When I came to college, I decided I wasn’t going to be stuck in a rut. (I wore the same pair of jeans for four years in high school.) I find that if I dress nicely, I feel better about myself.”

Carleton style: “It doesn’t matter what you wear here, people will accept you as you are. Some people say that attitude fosters an idea that fashion is irrelevant. I think it allows people to experiment. My fashion taste exploded at Carleton.”

Popular for fall: “It’s hard to tell with Carleton, but here’s my guess:

  • Long, flowing dresses and skirts: “They have a boho feel, and Carleton is a big proponent of the free spirit.”
  • Cutoff shorts: “They’re just so practical; you can recycle your old jeans. Wear them with tights underneath for cooler weather.”
  • Pale colors (especially for men): “It’s a throwback to the 1920s, reminiscent of The Great Gatsby.”
  • Brightly colored pants: “I hope they stick around. They’re fun.”

Trend you wish would topple: “Crop tops. Maybe it’s how my mom raised me, but I don’t like showing that much skin.”

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