Summer School


Students used electrodes to record electrical signals from underlying face muscles. The signals drove a robotic arm in real time and were saved for further analysis. “Because a paralyzed patient retains control of the face musculature, such recordings could be put to practical use,” says biology professor Fernán Jaramillo. 

This past summer 72 high school juniors and seniors attended the Carleton Summer Science Institute, taking classes and completing research projects with Carleton faculty members and research assistants.

Begun in 2009, the Science Institute is one of four academic programs that Carleton offers for high school students during the summer. The Writing Program has been offered since 1976, the Carleton Liberal Arts Experience began in 2001, and the newest program, the Quantitative Reasoning Institute, debuted this year. Next summer Carleton plans to introduce a program in computer science.

“These programs give high school students a chance to test-drive Carleton,” says Jeremy Updike, director of summer academic programs. “The programs are taught by faculty members, and that makes them attractive to students who want to know what it would be like if they enrolled at Carleton.”

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