What I Did Over My Summer Break


Student: Vayu Rekdal '15

Hometown: Los Angeles

Summer internship: Seven weeks at Fundación Alicia, a gastronomic research center located near Barcelona, Spain. The Catalonian government and chef Ferran Adrià established the nonprofit foundation in 2003 to generate knowledge about science and cooking with an objective of promoting “healthy eating for all.”

Fellowship: Funded by a Creating Rewarding Educational Development Opportunities (CREDO) award from the Carleton Career Center.

Why go: “Fundación Alicia has a rigorous training program in food preparation and research that uses a scientific approach to develop innovative techniques and products. At Carleton I run the FireBellies cooking club, so for a foodie like me, Alicia is the best internship there is.”

Your job: “I am researching texturizers (including gelling, foaming, thickening, and emulsifying agents) and optimizing recipes for a book on the chemistry of texturizers that the foundation is developing for chefs.”

Why you love it: “People from different fields are coming together to understand the science of cooking. It’s nothing like a restaurant, where time is as scarce as stress is ubiquitous.”

Back on campus: “I plan to start a free weekly cooking class—“The Science of Cooking”—inspired by a class at Harvard. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned.”

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