Writing the World

By Rachel White '13


Shantrice King ’13

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Major: Women’s and gender studies

Summer fellowship: Teaching a course called The Courage to Write to 20 students from diverse ethnic and academic backgrounds in conjunction with Faribault High School’s summer school program, through a grant from the Phillips Foundation

Goal: Encourage students to explore their creativity through writing collaboratively and creating a magazine

Meaningful moment: “One of my students, a recent immigrant, didn’t participate much at first because she was still learning how to speak and write English. Over time, she began to share experiences she’d had in her native Kenya and in Faribault. On the last day, she told me that writing was her new favorite subject.”

Biggest surprise: “The students’ diverse range of skills. I learned how to adapt the curriculum to engage experienced writers while allowing other students to practice their English.”

Takeaway: “Your stories matter. No one can tell your story the way you can.”

Future plans: “Art and writing are powerful venues for youth to express themselves, and I want to explore that with different settings and art forms.”

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