"If you could design a Carleton course, what would it be?"

CSI Northfield: a first-year seminar on the biology and law of DNA forensics, complete with a lab component; guest lectures from police, biologists, and lawyers; and a mock trial at the end in which students present their forensic DNA analyses
—Geoff Findlay ’05, postdoctoral fellow, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Pre-Computer Cryptography: a historical, mathematical, and philosophical exploration of the origins, principles, effectiveness, and necessity of cryptography from Caesar’s shift cipher to the Enigma machine
—Des Kidney ’06, attorney, Portland, Oregon

Semiotics of Lady Gaga: a study of how the unique system of signs and meanings in Lady Gaga’s lyrics, videos, and clothing works both with and against pre-existing linguistic, visual, and cultural codes, culminating in a field trip to a Lady Gaga performance
—Anna Swanson ’12, educational associate in cinema and media studies, Carleton College, Northfield

The History of Dragons: an art history course using artwork from around the world to examine the evolution of the dragon from antiquity to the present day as a representation of good, evil, fortune, wisdom, nature, etc.
—Kelson Bain ’13, Northfield

Food and Culture: a blended sociology, history, geography, literature, and technology course that will familiarize students with new cultures through food, with visits to authentic markets and restaurants, cooking lessons, studies of regional foods and holiday traditions, and a homestay
—Anne Katata ’78, architect and travel/food guide, Los Angeles and Barcelona

The Wire and Breaking Bad: Analysis of Antiheroes: a discussion of the writing, plot development, and success of landmark TV dramas that feature characters who would widely be considered reprehensible, including implications about moral relativism in our society
—Rob Buchanan ’04, home energy efficiency consultant, Waterloo, Iowa


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