Carleton Quips

Each Wednesday, we invite our Facebook friends to write a caption for a historic image from the Carleton Archives. The caption with the most likes is chosen as our winner. Here are some of our favorites.


1893, Mustache Club, Willis Hall
“Yet another Parish House Halloween Party is ruined when everyone comes dressed as Teddy Roosevelt.”
—Dan Fehler ’95, computer systems analyst, Minneapolis


1903, Women’s Basketball
“Years later, the girls would still wonder why Greta brought a basketball to their lice-hunting party.”
—Matthew Wasco ’99, physician, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Circa 1920, Jazz Orchestra
“Why the Carleton Knights are an a cappella group.”
—Laura Johnson ’91, research associate, Durham, North Carolina


1944, Winter Sledding
“The team’s enthusiasm was only slightly dampened by the realization that they were not, in fact, on a hill.”
—Noah Stafford ’16, Nashville, Tennessee


1895, Tipping Hats 
“Carleton College: facilitating awkward coed interactions since 1866.”
—Henry Moskowitz ’11, New York City


Circa 1930, Women Tobogganing
“The expedition set out in late May, so they faced only the mild spring snows. God willing, with good weather, they would find the fabled ‘Good-Hew’ before the winter came.”
—Michael Janus Anderson ’00, senior analyst, Chicago


1978–79, Snow Fans
“You could always pick out the Minnesota natives—a little stiff and socially awkward, always on time (or early!), but with a dedication to their friends and neighbors that could not be beat!”
—Kristin Waitt Hutchinson ’99, artist, Seattle 


1892, Algol board
“The first meeting of the Somnolence Society ended without a charter being established.”
—Ann Etter ’91, accountant, Northfield


1895, Lord’s House Residents
“Reggie thought petulantly, ‘Let them laugh. They will all be carrying man-purses next term!’ ” 
—Judy Lichterman Monn ’74, self-employed, Chanhassen, Minnesota


1922, Annual Freshman-Sophomore Tug-of-War
“Despite promising preliminary calculations, it ultimately proved impossible to pull Goodhue closer to the rest of campus.”
—Dakota Brown ’02, graduate student, Georgia Institute of Technology

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