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the Voice

Spring 2015 (June 20, 2015)

    • Economics 101: Return on Investment

      by Kayla McGrady ’05

      “When we opened two new residence halls in 2010, a reporter asked why there wasn’t a fitness center in each dorm. But our students like the Rec Center. Instead, they requested study rooms where they could work together.”

    • A Million Ways to Win

      by Erin Peterson

      “I’ve always been interested in doing a show about frozen desserts around the world.”

    • A New Way to Learn

      by Thomas Rozwadowski

       “It wasn’t meant to be a format where students learn a set of information from someone at the front of a class, get tested at the end, and, ‘Oh, okay, I got a B.’ ”

    • Cover Illustrations

      by Jon Reese

      From the beginning, food scientist Maya Warren ’07 knew she had all the ingredients necessary to win big on TV’s Amazing Race.