Martha Paas
  • Don't take cookies from strangers

    Don't Take Cookies from Strangers

    If the head of the CIA can’t keep his e-mails private, what hope do you have? As tracking technology improves, your online activity and personal data are increasingly at risk. Learn what you can do to protect your privacy.

  • Minoru Yamasaki


    An obsidian orb in the Arb, a president’s pet penguin, and dorms that double as nuclear shelters are just a few of the tall tales that have been handed down from one generation of Carls to the next. We put them to the truth test.

  • Skinner Memorial Chapel

    Carleton: The Next Decade

    Following 20 months of fact-finding and future thinking by 14 working groups, Carleton president Steven Poskanzer has completed a strategic plan for the College. Here’s a summary of what we’ll see implemented in the years ahead.

  • Ben Kazez '08

    An Accidental Entrepreneur

    Ben Kazez ’08 never intended to be an entrepreneur. But soon after he graduated, the computer science major wrote a travel app that hit big overnight—and launched him on a trajectory for which his liberal arts education prepared him well.

  • Ely Cathedral

    Commemorating Cambridge

    Thirty years ago, economics professor Martha Paas founded Carleton’s Cambridge Economics Seminar. Here, Paas and her former students share their memories of the groundbreaking off-campus studies program.

  • Muira McCammon '13

    The Nontraditionalist

    She entered Carleton at age 16 and now Muira McCammon ’13 is writing a book to help other atypical high schoolers explore alternative approaches to education.

  • Pamela Sukhum '93

    Infinite Vision

    Pamela Sukhum ’93 turned her passion for painting into both a profession and a philanthropic effort to empower underprivileged children and adults at home and in Third World countries.

  • Martha Paas

    Cover Photo

    Students who study abroad gain insight into a new culture, says economics professor Martha Paas, who founded the Cambridge Economics Seminar 30 years ago—and set the standard for off-campus studies at Carleton. (See "Commemorating Cambridge.")

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