struggling musicians
  • Joy Kluttz

    Good Advice

    Although Carleton staff and faculty members have long served as advisers and mentors to their students, the college is expanding and formalizing ways for them to help students connect the dots between classes and careers.

  • Algol board, 1892

    Carleton Quips

    Our favorites from a weekly Facebook contest, in which Carls write captions for historic photos from the Carleton Archives.

  • Joel Weisberg

    Time Map

    Carleton astronomy professor Joel Weisberg worked with a New York artist and MIT scientists to create a disk that will orbit Earth for billions of years—and provide a snapshot of life on Earth in the early 21st century for any future space travelers who might discover it.

  • Emily Stevens ’85

    Popular Science

    Emily Stevens ’85 is a managing producer for SciGirls, an award-winning public television show that encourages young girls to excel in math and science.

  • stock photo

    Sincerely Yours

    A piece from This Jealous Earth, Carleton French professor Scott Carpenter’s recently published collection of short stories.

  • The Orchestra Pit illustration

    The Orchestra Pit

    Conflicts over rising costs and declining revenues have pitted symphony orchestra musicians against management. Carls from both sides talk about how orchestras can survive the turmoil and get back to making music.

  • book arts by Julia Strand

    Book Smarts

    Carleton psychology professor Julia Strand turns out-of-date books into art.  

  • Mari Ortiz ’13 and Adriana Estill

    Beautiful Minds

    Research assistant Mari Ortiz ’13 paired up with Carleton American studies professor Adriana Estill on a project that examines perceptions of Latina beauty and cultural identity.

  • struggling musicians

    Cover Illustration

    Nationwide, orchestra musicians have walked out or been locked out as disputes with management rage on.