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Carleton’s new IdeaLab takes a cue from the Apple Genius Bar.

The Gage/Bauer IdeaLab (supported by a gift from Bill Gage ’64 and his wife, Nancy Bauer) was created specifically for collaborative and active learning, particularly in the areas of visual, audio, and interactive media. Equipping the IdeaLab—the Weitz Center's centralized technology resource center—calls for an impressive list of computer and imaging hardware, software, and digital assets. But at the heart of the IdeaLab is another essential resource: People.

"We’re taking a page from Apple and its Genius Bar," says Andrea Nixon, Carleton’s director of curricular and research support. "The IdeaLab is a sort of one-stop shop, staffed with experts in working with media, presentations, fine art printing, video production and classroom presentations. We are offering our own Genius Bar."

The Gage/Bauer IdeaLab offers integrated curricular support for students and faculty as they engage in technically sophisticated projects, particularly those that involve visualizations or visual representations. Its equipment and resources include:

  • Audio and video editing stations
  • Lending library of digital cameras and video production equipment
  • Regularly scheduled how-to workshops
  • Computer lab with linked workstations
  • "Project Due Date" events in which experts are gathered for students during the busy end of the term
  • High-end scanners
  • Large-format printers capable of fine-art printing
  • Office space and work areas for Presentation, Events, and Production Support (PEPS) staff