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A new music and performance addition will unite music with theater, dance, and cinema and media studies.

The music and performance addition to the Weitz Center for Creativity will bring the entire music department together—and not only will they be together, they’ll also now share a roof with other artistic disciplines such as theater, dance, and cinema and media studies.

The move to the Weitz Center will not only enrich musical partnerships and explorations but also improve music technology on campus. Current facilities were designed for state-of-the-art sound in 1915 and the 1960s—now woefully outdated in today’s musical era.

The new addition will feature:

  • A 400-seat performance hall with a larger stage, more flexible design, and enhanced technology. The sides of the stage will be able to swing out, creating a smaller space for more intimate performances and providing access points for theater and dance productions.
  • A large rehearsal hall of 2,600 square feet that doubles as flexible backstage space for the performance hall. All rehearsal and practice spaces in the addition will be sound-isolated, allowing for rehearsals even when performances are occurring.
  • A medium recital and rehearsal hall with 1,600 square feet and 75 seats, and a smaller rehearsal hall of 900 square feet for use as a master classroom or as an intimate performance space for small ensembles
  • Faculty offices and studios uniting the entire music faculty, including applied music instructors, in the same space
  • A prominent collaborative white space conducive to multimedia installation
  • Adequate back-of-stage storage with a green room and space for instruments and equipment
  • Two gathering lounges
  • Thirteen individual practice rooms of 100 square feet
  • Six practice or teaching studios, each 500–600 square feet
  • Eleven teaching studios, 200 to 220 square feet
  • Approximately 5,600 square feet of storage, located in proximity to use