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Supporting the art of teaching and the passion for learning

The Perlman Center for Learning & Teaching (the LTC) draws faculty from all disciplines to the Weitz Center.

The LTC is a campus hub for conversations about teaching and learning, bringing together faculty and staff passionate about Carleton's continued innovation in the classroom.

The LTC office includes:

  • An expanded library on teaching and learning topics.
  • Office space for the LTC Fellow, a faculty member who collaborates with the LTC for a period of one to three years.
  • An inviting faculty lounge.
  • Offices for the LTC director and support staff.
  • Access to the Weitz Center's meeting and gathering spaces for LTC events of all types and sizes.

The LTC's inclusion in the Weitz Center highlights the College's commitment to provide not only new facilities and equipment, but also to support innovation in teaching methods across the curriculum.