Resources: Helpful Links and Information

Over the years, Academic Technologies has created many handouts and informational blurbs about various programs. From this page, you can access online explanations of how to use these (both written and audio/visual) as well as download pdf versions of our recent handouts, including those for Zimbra, Moodle, and CPS. Multifunction Printers are described elsewhere on the ITS website, here.

If you can't find what you are looking for here, try looking in our Index, or in the general ITS Help Library.

  • Common Course Tools

    How to use existing tools for most basic course needs, like distributing materials to students and submitting grades.
    • Syllabi Options
      Ways to distribute Course Syllabi to students, and our recommendations. This page also has information that pertains to disseminating information in general.
    • Collab/Courses/Home
      Access the Collab, Courses, and Home folders from off-campus through NetStorage. This links directly to NetStorage.
    • Submitting Final Grades
      Don't remember how to submit your final grades to the registrar? Here are the steps to input your grades into the Hub.
    • Endnote
      The Gould Library website on using Endnote
    • Your Course Links
      On this page you will find your basic course information, and links to the related webpages in Moodle, Course folders, mailing lists, and library resources.
    • Digital Presentation Options
      Some of the options available for sharing in-class material with absent students.
  • Carly's Foreign Languages Page

    Carly's website describes the how-to of computing in languages, from installing the necessary software to best practices. It also contains some information about using InDesign, Carleton's automated class email lists and CAN8.
  • Paula's Data Portal

    Information and links relating to data and its collection and use. A must-read if you're working with data at Carleton.
  • General Computing Tips and Information

    Advice and explanations of how to protect your computer and use it effectively.

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