Using WebCheckout

What is WebCheckout?

WebCheckout is a web-based system for tracking a library of items available for checkout from an office at Carleton College. By using WebCheckout, your office can keep track of who has your items, track usage statistics, and maintain inventory information.

For more information about using WebCheckout, please contact ITS HelpDesk at x5999.

NOTE: After several years lag, ITS will soon (February or March 2012) be offering an introductory session on the latest version and modules, which could lead into training and implementation of new Checkout Centers. The ITS HelpDesk at x5999 can take your name to be notified of this upcoming session.

Who uses WebCheckout?

  • Information Technology Services, and PEPS
  • The Language Center
  • The Rec Center
  • Cinema and Media Studies, and the Weitz Center for Creativity

WebCheckout Vocabulary

Checkout Record - A record of a patron checking out an item from the checkout center

Reservation - A record of a patron reserving an item ahead of time to be checked out later.

Pickup - When a patron picks up the items they have previously reserved.

Renew - Extending the time period a patron can keep the items they currently have checked out.

Return - When a patron returns an item to the checkout center.

Patron - The people at Carleton College who may check items out from a checkout center.

Resource - The items available for checkout or reservation in a checkout center.

Media - Resources that are books or films.

Tutorial Links

(Each video is less than 90 seconds long, except Checkout which is just over 6 minutes.)

If you have further questions about using WebCheckout, or are interested in creating a WebCheckout Center for your office, please contact ITS HelpDesk at x5999.