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European History (hist 1262)

Designed to accommodate both new and experienced teachers of European history, this workshop will include lectures and discussions of topics in European history as well as extensive discussions on teaching and structuring advanced placement courses.  Throughout the course we will strive to bring recent interpretations of European history to bear on our teaching.  This year, a major focus will be how to best integrate the AP* course redesign into new or existing curriculum. A portion of the week will be given to reviewing materials released by the College Board* regarding the redesign and time will also be used to help develop curriculum and syllabi to help teachers implement the redesigned format.  One day we will take a brief excursion to the Cathedral of Saint Paul and the Minneapolis Institute of Art to enhance our content knowledge and discuss planning field trips in our courses.  Participants will also be encouraged to share their ideas and experiences on advanced placement courses and assessments, and talk about textbooks and other course materials. Participants may take this course for credit.

This course is currently filled; however, we have another European History workshop July 7 - 10.  Go here to learn more about that workshop and availability.

Don Perkins

Don Perkins began teaching AP* European history at Apple Valley High School in Minnesota in 1992. For three years he served District 196 as a peer leader, observing classrooms and having conversations with teachers about teaching. Don returned to the classroom in the fall of 2013.



Brett MeltonBrett Melton has been teaching at Apple Valley High School in ISD 196 since 1999.  There he has worked with various AP* programs, focusing on AP* European History, and has served on the district’s Gifted and Talented committee.



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