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Human Geography (soan 1253)

AP* Human Geography was created as an analytical course and covers all aspects of understanding the modern world. It demands that students look around them and consider what they see with geographic concepts and at various scales rather than what they have practiced in other disciplines.

The tasks at hand for Human Geography teachers, that we will address, include:

  • To teach students for a test not of our making
  • To instruct students in good learning habits and critical thinking on par with college expectations
  • To elicit reading and writing skills
  • To reflect on our own strengths and consider some areas where we need improvement as an AP* teacher
  • Utilize geography as a tool to increase our students intellectual ability

Tactics-Daily Planning and Execution Putting Theory Into Practice

  • To Lecture or Not to Lecture
  • Student Accountability
  • Daily and Weekly Best Practices
  • Multiple Choice – Free Response Strategies
  • Teaching Writing for a quick 20 minute answer
  • Training students to think beyond the concepts and find real-life examples of applications of those concepts.

Other items to be covered:

  • A group/individual project involving the creation of a FRQ and rubric.

THIS WORKSHOP IS FILLED FOR 2014.  I have hired Dan Berry from WV to come and present another workshop during our July 8-11 session.  If you would like to review Dan's course, go here.


Judy Ware is a lecturer in Geography at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, MO. She went to Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio and received her Masters from University of Colorado-Boulder.  Judy has been a teacher since 1981 and has taught high school history, economics, geography, and anything else tossed her way. Judy has worked with the Missouri Geographic Alliance, National Council for Geographic Education, and since 1998 she has taught geography at Fontbonne University.  She has been a College Board consultant since 1997; a reader, table leader, and lead table leader for every Human Geography reading since the course began in 2001; and was at the forefront of pushing Human Geography before it was an official AP course. 



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