Oct 19

Los Angeles Club Evening of Theater

Los Angeles Club Evening of Theater

Sunday, October 19th, 2008
6:00 pm / Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Carleton Club

invites you to an evening of theater

Torn Between Two Bitches with actress Liz Davies '83

October 19, 2008, 6 p.m.

at Unknown Theater, 1110 North Seward Street, Hollywood (323-466-7781) (see directions below)

Please join alums, parents and friends for an evening at the Unknown Theater in Hollywood produced by Liz Davies, Carleton '83, followed by a discussion with the playwright and male lead, Michael Sargent, as well as Liz. Hors d'oeuvres and drinks from a no-host bar will be provided.

Cost: $20

Liz majored in English at Carleton and performed as a singer. She played with four different bands over four years and was a staple at The Cave. It wasn't until moving to Maine, opening a jewelry store, and having a customer pull her onstage into a play that she first felt the full power of acting. When she was cast in Stephen King's Pet Sematary, she knew it was time to follow her heart. She has performed onstage throughout Los Angeles, as well as in film and television - playing characters that range from straight wife to psycho killer, and enjoying every minute. Liz has her own bookkeeping business on the Westside of Los Angeles, and Torn Between Two Bitches represents her first venture into the business side of acting. Some of her favorite stage work has been acting in L.A. playwright Michael Sargent's plays.

The Unknown Theater is an intimate theater that produces unique events that provide a communal experience to be shared by the actors and audience. The 90's get skewered in a blistering comedy, Torn Between Two Bitches, featuring Liz Davies, Tina Preston, Michael Sargent, and Brittany Slattery with musical score performed live by Elemonopy. Where is there to go when success is the enemy of artistic credibility and your philosophy is failure at any cost? The self-proclaimed angriest couple in Los Angeles, Jim & Debby Goat, flushed with success as a result of bad publicity surrounding their foul self-published 'zine and the first ammendment victory that resulted, perversely relocate to Portland, Oregon to escape the glare and their enemies. They find their love/hate challenged when Jim meets someone angrier: a teenaged fan of their 'zine!

To make your reservations, contact Margie Templeton '63 -, 310-390-4507.


Directions to the Unknown Theater

1110 North Seward Street, Hollywood:

The Unknown Theater is located three blocks East of Highland 50 FT North of Santa Monica Blvd.
Free parking is available in lot, one block east of the theater at Lexington and Seward.

Sponsored by Los Angeles Club. Contact: Marjorie P. Templeton