Nov 7

North Carolina Club Cooking Series

North Carolina Carleton Club Cooking Series - Chinese

Saturday, November 7th, 2009
4:00 pm / North Carolina

North Carolina Carleton Club Cooking Series*

Chinese Food

Chinese Cooking Lessons and Multi-Course Dinner with Kari Andrade '85

Saturday November 7, 2009, 4 to 10 p.m.

$10 per person, 10 person limit.

RSVP to Jamie Foehl '99

Please join us for the Carleton Club (November) Cooking Series—Chinese Food.

Tentative Menu

Appetizers:  Won tons, Egg rolls

Cold dishes:  Cucumber salad, Bang bang chicken

Main courses:  Mushu pork, Kung pao chicken, Lemon chicken, White rice

Soup:  Egg drop soup, Won ton soup, or Hot and sour soup

Fruit dessert:  Bubble soup (sweet tapioca and honeydew)

Drinks:  Beer, wine, and other beverages

The event location and directions were included in the original invitation, and for privacy reasons are not listed here.  If you need assistance, contact the Alumni Affairs Office at 800-729-2586 or or Kari Andrade at 919-245-0303.

* Our next event in the series will be in December and kid friendly:  Gingerbread people (and maybe houses!) decorating.  If you have a cooking skill you would like to share with the group (or a nice kitchen to host!) please contact Jamie Foehl '99 and we'll get something organized.   

Sponsored by North Carolina Carleton Club. Contact: Jamie Foehl