Apr 6

Chicago Business Book Club Meeting

Carleton Business Book Club Meeting

Friday, April 6th, 2012
7:30 am / Panera Bread
map of Chicago Business Book Club Meeting

Sherman and Church Streets, Evanston

The Carleton Business Book Club

Friday, April 6, 2012
7:30 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.

Panera at Sherman & Church Streets, Evanston
(in the meeting room)

What Matters For Your Business?

Leaders today confront a world where the unprecedented is the norm.   Obviously, there are lots of things that matter now.  But in a world of fractured certainties and battered trust, some things matter more than others. While the challenges facing organizations are limitless; leadership bandwidth isn't.  That's why you have to be clear about what really matters now.  What are the fundamental, make-or-break issues that will determine whether your organization thrives or dives in the years ahead? Gary Hamel identifies five issues are that are paramount: values, innovation, adaptability, passion and ideology.  In doing so he presents an essential agenda for leaders everywhere who are eager to -

  • move from defense to offense
  • reverse the tide of commoditization
  • defeat bureaucracy
  • astonish their customers
  • foster extraordinary contribution
  • capture the moral high ground
  • outrun change. 

Published only a month ago, the book will inspire you to rethink your business, your company and how you lead.

Join the Carleton Business Book Club at its April meeting to discover how to win in a world of relentless change, ferocious competition, and unstoppable innovation.

This month’s book -
What Matters Now
by Gary Hamel (2012)

You are welcome to invite friends to read the book and participate in the conversation, Carleton alums or not.  For more info: Don Rawitsch ’72.  If you need assistance, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 800-729-2586 or






Sponsored by Chicago Carleton Club. Contact: Jeanne Estrem