Jul 22

Bay Area Club Day of Carleton

Bay Area Club Day of Carleton

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012
11:30 am / Randall Museum
map of Bay Area Club Day of Carleton

199 Museum Way, San Francisco, CA

A Day of Carleton

Sunday, July 22, 2011

Randall Museum
199 Museum Way, San Francisco, California

11:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.+

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or contact Rob Spence ’88.

Keynote Debate: “Dark Star - The Grateful Dead” - Professor of Religion Roger Jackson vs. Professor of Physics and Astronomy Joel Weisberg - Roger “Mystic” Jackson and Joel “Pulsar” Weisberg debate the meaning of the Grateful Dead song “Dark Star.”  Joel says, “This is clearly about the birth of a pulsar in a supernova.”  Roger says, “This is clearly about the transcendence of rationality in mystical experience.”

*Special Saturday Night Event* - Stargazing with Professor Joel Weisberg -Professor Weisberg has been sharing stories of the sky, stars and star lore since his high school days in New Mexico.  He is especially excited to share the sunset and the subtle phenomena that happen in the sky in the hour following sunset.  He will also share a trick that will allow you to be the first to pick out the planets in the evening.

“Mind, Meditation and MRIs: Some Buddhist Reflections” – Professor of Religion Roger Jackson - “What is the value of the neuro-scientific study of meditative states?” To answer the question from a Buddhist perspective we will seek first to understand the multiple perspectives on the mind developed by Buddhists over the centuries, through exploring such topics as the place of mind in nature, the relation between mind and body, the structure and functions of mind, the ultimate nature of mind, and the various methods of training the mind that we broadly refer to as “meditation.”

Carleton Mini-Reunion Lunch - See local Carls from all graduation years!  Pizza for $2 per slice, sandwiches for $6.

Incoming, Current Students and Recent Graduate Lunch - Come meet Carleton’s newest alumni, the incoming class of 2016, and give them a hearty send-off to Northfield.

Special Guest: Alan Bauer ’74, Carleton Trustee - “Some Ideas about Inventing Stuff”

Mr. Bauer is a former President of Progressive Direct and a renowned insurance innovator.  Under his leadership, Progressive was the first to sell auto insurance over the Internet, the first to use personal credit scoring as a rating variable, as well as a pioneer in offering online tools for self-service options. He holds a number of patents.

Special Guest: Ben Kazez ’08, Young Alumnus - “Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts”

Mr. Kazez is the Senior Director of Mobile Products at Expedia and Founder & CEO of Mobiata.  He grew Mobiata to millions in app sales and was named one of America’s 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs by BusinessWeek in 2009.

Mini-Reunion Happy Hour - Eat, drink and be merry with Carls young and almost young!

(If you need assistance, contact the Alumni Relations Office at 800-729-2586 or


Sponsored by Bay Area Carleton Club. Contact: Jeanne Estrem