SNAP: Students 'N' Alumni Programming

  • FFD 2016

    Fun with SNAP!

The Students ’N’ Alumni Programming Board (SNAP) aims to help students build a stronger connection with their classmates and the College, create opportunities to engage with alumni, and build skills to become leaders in Carleton-related opportunities after graduation.

Alumni enjoy meeting with current students, and SNAP will identify more opportunities for student-alumni interaction. 

SNAP will also work to:

  • Engage more students earlier in the world of Carleton alumni
  • Bring students together as a class to cultivate class spirit and identity
  • Connect students with alumni so they gain a greater sense of the true Carleton community
  • Have fun and involve as many students and alumni as possible

Some of the events we have hosted include:

  • Freshman Fall Day
  • Sophomore Major Declaration Celebration
  • 99 Day March to Graduation
  • Junior Self-Care Fair
  • Senior Banquet
  • Senior Gift
  • Give Day
  • ...and much more!

If you would like to be involved with SNAP or volunteer to help with events please click here to complete this interest form.