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Participation in the Arts at Carleton

August 25, 2006

The number of students majoring in the arts has risen over the course of two decades. The Class of 2005 had 45 majors (out of 497 graduates) in studio art, art history, music, and theater and dance, with seven concentrators in cinema and media studies. The Class of 1995, with 441 graduates, had 35 majors in the arts and eight concentrators in media studies. Of the 399 students who graduated in 1985, 15 majored in the arts and two concentrated in literature and film studies.

Arts Courses Enrollment 2000–2004

The graph shows the average annual number of individual students enrolled in arts courses for the four-year period of 2000–2004. (The same student enrolling in multiple classes in the same department is counted only once.) These 1,836 students represent 96 percent of the 1,915 students enrolled on average for the same time period at Carleton.