Campus Calendar Guidelines

The Campus Calendar is intended to be a comprehensive listing of activities, exhibitions, and events that take place at Carleton.

Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to share events on this central campus calendar. Events should be of general interest to the Carleton community and hosted by a campus organization, office, or department.

All offices and departments (and many student organizations) have websites in the Reason content management system. To place your event on the Campus Calendar, create an event in your Reason site and specify that it should be shared on the central calendar. If you have questions, or need help adding events, contact the Web Services Group.

Excluded Items

These events may be placed on your own calendar, but should not be shared with the campus at-large:

  • Events not sponsored by an office, department, or group, whether on or off campus
  • Private events, or ones not open to all members of a specific campus audience
  • Events outside of Northfield where transportation is not provided by the College
  • Special hours or notifications of closings
  • Commercial events and promotions