Letter to Seniors

Hello, Seniors!

(If you're not graduating or otherwise leaving Carleton in June, you can ignore this message.)

As you transition to post-Carleton life, there are a few steps you must take RIGHT AWAY to avoid losing all of the files and email you've accumulated while at Carleton.  

See below for what you need to do regarding your email, network drives, what you might need to return, and what's available to you online as an alum.  Each section includes a deadline, a description of what happens after that deadline, and further instructions and details.

If you're working on campus in the summer or fall, or student teaching in the fall, please reply to this message so that we can make sure that the right things happen.

For information or assistance, contact the ITS helpdesk at 507-222-5999 or stop by the first floor CMC during open hours.

Email - transferring and forwarding

Deadline: August 15th, but ASAP for best results

After August 15th, messages in your Carleton mailbox vanish and are non-recoverable; mail sent to your address will be returned to the sender.

Let people know: You should notify friends and family, and update any sites (like Facebook) that use your Carleton address for contact.  Consider setting up an auto-reply in Gmail once the term ends (contact the ITS helpdesk, 507-222-5999, for assistance).

Transfer email to a non-Carleton account: To save your Carleton email, follow these instructions, or visit the help desk for assistance.

Set up alumni email forwarding: If you would still like to have a Carleton address that you can share, you can set up a forward (not an account that stores mail) with the format Firstname.Lastname@alumni.carleton.edu. You can update the address this forwards to at any time. For more information, visit http://go.carleton.edu/itsalum

Files - Home, Courses, Collab and docs.carleton.edu

Deadline: Before leaving Northfield

After August 15th, you will lose access to the network drives and Carleton Google Docs, and shortly thereafter, your files will be irretrievably deleted. You need to act before you leave campus.

Copy Network Drive files elsewhere: You can use a flashdrive, an external hard drive, your computer or your preferred hosted storage solution -- just drag the files you want to keep from the network drive to your storage of choice. You'll need to do this while you're still on campus.

Copy Carleton Google Docs files elsewhere: Documents stored in docs.carleton.edu will be removed; please download the ones you want to keep.

For information or assistance, contact the ITS helpdesk at 507-222-5999 or stop by the first floor CMC during open hours. 

Mailing Lists and Student Organization Resources

Deadline: August 15th

Mailing lists and organization resources that have no on-campus owners will be scheduled for deletion, so please pass them along to someone who isn't graduating.

Transfer Mailing lists: You'll soon receive a message about the email lists you own.  For help, see "Passing on your stuff" at http://go.carleton.edu/itsalum

Hand-off Student Org control: If you're currently a leader of a student organization, you need to make sure next year's leaders have been designated and that network folder and web resources have been transferred to them.  It's quick and easy: see "Passing on your stuff" at http://go.carleton.edu/itsalum.  If you have additional questions about Student Org handling, contact Doug Bratland at x5462.

Leaving Campus

Deadline: Before Commencement

Return cables and equipment: Please return any borrowed network equipment or cables to the ITS helpdesk before leaving campus.

For information or assistance, contact the ITS helpdesk at 507-222-5999.

Your Alumni Account and Staying Connected

You will continue to have access to web resources like the Hub and the Alumni Directory after graduation using your current username and password.

Help with your alumni account: If you have issues with your account after you graduate, please contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni-office@carleton.edu or 1-800-729-2586.

Requesting transcripts: You can use your account to request transcripts online at any time; see http://go.carleton.edu/transcripts/

Alumni gateway and directory: http://apps.carleton.edu/alumni has lots of great resources for staying in touch with Carleton and your friends.
Take a moment now to let everyone know how to reach you after Carleton: http://go.carleton.edu/aluminfo

Information and Resources

The ITS alumni website: http://go.carleton.edu/itsalum for computing-related alumni information.
Carlpedia: wiki.carleton.edu for Carleton-specific information on network drives, Zimbra, Moodle, Carleton Google Docs and more.
The ITS helpdesk: call 507-222-5999 or stop by the helpdesk for assistance with any transition tasks.
General Information for Carleton Seniors http://apps.carleton.edu/campus/seniors/