Spring 2016

Carleton English Theater and Literature in London - Covent Garden

Covent Garden

(Photo by: Kailey Schumacher '14)



Professor Nancy Cho, Professor of English

Nancy Cho teaches and writes on nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature, Asian American literature, and contemporary multicultural drama. She also offers courses in American studies. Degrees: Yale, B.A.; Michigan (Ann Arbor), M.A., Ph.D.


Literature, theater, and the arts flourish in London. The city has an incomparably rich artistic and cultural past and present, and is arguably the world’s pre-eminent city for theater. The goal of the 2016 London program is to immerse Carleton students in this milieu, exploring London’s diverse theater scene and studying its literature, art, architecture, and history.


  • To understand how London has been represented and imagined in selected works of 20th and 21st century literature, and to learn from the “living text” of London itself
  • To appreciate and understand all aspects of theater by seeing several plays each week in a wide range of venues, styles, and historical periods
  • To understand the historic and global significance of London by exploring the city and designing an independent project
  • To develop visual literacy by observing and interpreting material culture throughout the city
  • To challenge and expand our cultural, aesthetic, and personal values through exposure to new ideas and environments