Psychology Achievements

  • were co-authors of a poster in the "Teaching Neuroscience II" section of the Society for Neuroscience, Nov 3, 2007, San Diego, CA. The title of the poster was "MidBrains 2007: The inaugural year of the Midwest's undergraduate neuroscience conference" and it involved faculty from St Olaf (Bonnie Sherman, Gary Muir, and Shelly Dickinson), Macalester (Eric Wiertelak, Graham Cousens), Gustavus Adolphus (Mike Ferragamo, Janine Wotton), St Thomas (Roxanne Prichard, Dwight Nelson), and Augsburg College (Barb Curchack).

  • gave the keynote address to the 6th annual Best Practices in the Teaching of Psychology conference held October 12-13 in Atlanta, GA. His talk was entitled "'Nevermore': Speaking to the Psychology of Endings." Later in the month, Professor Lutsky also presented a talk entitled "The Routes are Numbered" at the October 18-20 Association of American Colleges & University conference in Denver on Civic Learning at the Intersections.

  • presented a research talk entitled "Tamarins exhibit perceptual constraints similar to autistic humans" at the annual meeting of the Experimental Psychology Society in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 4 - 7, 2007. Co-authors of the paper and research include Carleton students Katie Whillock ('08), Julia Greenberg ('08), Jason Weaver ('07), Aisha Kudura ('06), and Elizabeth Gray('08).

  • gave a presentation based on a commissioned conference
    paper at the Wingspread Conference on Quantitative Literacy
    and Its Implications for Teaching Education, Racine, WI.
    The paper, Arguing with Numbers: A Rationale and Suggestions
    for Teaching Quantitative Reasoning through Argument and
    Writing, will be published in a forthcoming volume consisting
    of the conference's commissioned papers.

  • was awarded Fellow status in the Association for
    Psychological Science (APS) in recognition of "sustained
    outstanding contributions to the advancement of psychological

  • has been selected to receive an award for the best paper published in the Journal of Comparative Psychology in 2006-7. The award, called the Frank A. Beach Comparative Psychology Award, is given by APA (American Psychological Association). The authors of the paper were Neiworth and Carleton alumni Amy Gleichman ('05), Annie Olinick ('04) and Kristen Lamp ('05), and the research compared perceptual processing in children and monkeys and found connections with deficits and autism. Neiworth's current NIH grant is examining these deficits further to find perceptual diagnostics for autism and to explore monkeys as a model of the perceptual deficits of autism.

  • published an article entitled "Decision Structuring in Important Real-Life Decisions" in the April issue of the journal Psychological Science. In early April, Galotti also served on the visiting review committee to assess the psychology department at Bowdoin College.

  • all professors of Psychology at various levels, helped to plan the successful inaugural "MidBrains 2007" conference, a midwestern undergraduate conference for neuroscientists, held at Macalester College on Saturday, April 28, 2007. Student presenters from Carleton included Mariko Teruya ('06), Linda Nickens, Aaron Fanta, and George Kachergis (all '07).

  • and co-author alumni Janice Hassett ('03) and Cara Sylvester ('03) just published an article "Face Processing in humans and new world monkeys: the influence of experiential and ecological factors" in print in the international journal Animal Cognition, in April, 2007.

  • has just published the fourth edition of her textbook, Cognitive Psychology In and Out of the Laboratory, with Thomson Wadsworth publishers. The book contains several photographs taken by Nancy Ashmore '72, many depicting Carleton alums. Professor Galotti also recently served on the Visiting Review Committee to assess the Psychology Department at Bowdoin College.

  • led a workshop, Writing Counts: Helping Students Write with Numbers, sponsored by the American Sociological Association at the annual meeting of the MSS/NCSA in Chicago, April 4.

  • served on the Cognition, Perception and Language Fellowships Study Section for the National Institutes of Health Center for Scientific Review Special Emphasis panel, in March 2007.