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Academic Technology Advisory Committee

The role of the Academic Technology Advisory Committee is to keep faculty informed on issues related to technology and their impact on teaching and research; to provide a conduit for faculty to provide feedback to Information Technology Services (ITS) on technology matters; to provide ITS with input and suggestions on issues related to technology and its impact on teaching and research; to consider with ITS effective communicating of important announcements to faculty, and to suggest topics related to technology for events and workshops.

Four faculty members serve this committee.  Each are appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) to serve a three-year term.  One faculty member is selected by the FAC to chair the committee.

Five staff members serve this committee in an ex officio capacity.  They include the College Librarian, the Director of Curricular and Research Support, and three members from ITS.

No students serve on this committee.

Preferred Skills or Experience for Committee Members:
It is helpful for committee members to have a basic knowledge of technology.

Committee Work:
The committee meets regularly during the each academic term.  Meeting agendas are determined by the chair of the committee, in consultation with committee members.  Recommendations are shared with the Technology Planning & Priorities Committee.

2012-13 Key Priorities:
During the academic year, the committee focused on the following priorities:

  • Classroom computer refresh times
  • PaperCut implementation for students and faculty

Updated Summer 2013