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MSA Fast-A-Thon

Fast-A-Thon is an event held in the month of Ramadan on university campuses all across North America to create awareness about the issue of hunger, and also about the Islamic way of life and Muslims. Muslim Students Association gets students of all faiths to sign up to fast for a day according to Islamic traditions. Those who sign up for the fast are also invited to break their fasts with the Muslim students of Carleton at the end of the fasting period.

MSA Barbecue

During the spring term or fall term, MSA partakes in a barbecue which is open to both members and non-members as well. Attendees of the event partake in games including soccer and frisbee. In addition, a variety of food is provided for non-vegetarians and vegetation. Rain or shine, the event is tons of fun.

Quran Study

Eid Celebrations