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Please note: this site is no longer maintained and is presented for archival purposes only.

Information about ride sharing is now maintained on the Carleton Transportation site and at Go! Northfield.

Yellow & White Bikes

The Carleton Yellow Bike Club is a small student run and organized club that accepts old bikes, puts them in working order, and distributes them around campus for use by anyone in the Carleton community. Club members paint the bikes white or yellow and ask that riders do not take the bikes off campus.

These bikes are either 1) Donations by students or other community members or 2) Bikes that have been abandoned at Carleton after students graduate. These bikes are managed and donated by the Carleton grounds department.

The goal of the Yellow Bike Club is to create yellow and white bikes, and to assist with the operations of the Green Bike Program (run by SOPE). The Yellow Bike Club releases and maintains refurbished Yellow Bikes. It also loans a limited number of White Bikes to students for the term.

The biggest challenge that the Yellow Bike Club faces is improving students' treatment of Yellow Bikes. Because students often treat them very poorly, the bikes quickly fall into disrepair, spawning more violent behavior towards them, and reduced bike safety levels. This pattern of abuse is frustrating for club members who find themselves constantly repairing the same Yellow Bikes. Because fixing a maintaining these bikes takes significant effort on the part of Yellow Bike Club members, the Yellow Bike Club asks riders to treat the bikes with respect.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the Yellow Bike Club, or donating a bike to the club, please contact Dylan Linet ('09).