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Please note: this site is no longer maintained and is presented for archival purposes only.

Information about ride sharing is now maintained on the Carleton Transportation site and at Go! Northfield.

Carleton Rideshare

Welcome! This page is an information and resource center for those interested in ridesharing and the environmental impacts of commuting to Carleton’s campus. Drawing on previous research and recently collected data, this site provides analysis of Carleton’s transportation trends and further explains how faculty, staff, and students can save money and reduce their environmental impact by taking advantage of low and zero emissions commuting options.

With an interactive Google map created from Carleton’s directory data, this site can help you find nearby carpool partners and set up rideshares. The interactive map even includes Park and Ride lots in the Metro area and beyond. Other resources on this site will help you to understand the benefits of carpooling and avoid conflicts with your rideshare partners.

Also: check out the Go! Northfield ride board and the Carleton transportation site.

  • Reasons to Rideshare

    A quick description of the benefits to ridesharing, including the ones you didn't know existed.
  • Rideshare Tips

    Considering the following points may make your ride much more enjoyable.
  • Transportation Options

    This page describes the transportation options available to faculty, staff, and students.
  • Environmental Impacts

    This page describes some of the environmental impacts of driving and uses Carleton specific data to measure the environmental impacts of Carleton commuters.
  • Resources

    This page provides links to relevant Carleton sites and helpful documents and reports.
  • Carpool Map

    Find out who lives near you so you can easily arrange carpools