Want to Become a Student Leader?

Each year, a number of students choose to apply for exciting leadership opportunities through our office. Student leaders engage through our office in both paid and unpaid positions. Pursue your passion in any given issue area, on- or off-campus. Click the links below to learn more!

  • CCCE Fellows: The CCCE Fellow position is an exciting leadership opportunity for students with a passion for service and community engagement. Fellows work in the CCCE for 5-10 hours and they work to develop the CCCE into an innovative, vibrant hub for student involvement. In addition to facilitating weekly staff meetings, Fellows participate in CCCE-sponsored events and staff open office hours every day where they help with tasks such as answering phone calls, assisting walk-in volunteers, and matching new volunteers with service programs. They work alongside professional staff to coordinate special events and many of them are volunteers themselves. Applications for the Fellow position are now closed.
  • Program Directors (Hiring during Spring Term): The Program Director (PD) position is an exciting leadership opportunity for student volunteers to share their passion about a specific service area. One or more Program Directors organize all aspects of an on-going service program and serve as a vital link between a community agency and Carleton. CCCE programs are truly student-run, so it’s crucial to have energetic, responsible, and committed Program Directors. Applications for Program Directors are due Tuesday, May 1st.
  • Northfield Reads and Counts Tutors: Tutors are expected to commit to a weekly tutoring schedule at one or more of the Northfield Public Schools. Tutors can work in classrooms with individuals or with small groups, in study halls, or in after-school programs providing one-on-one homework help. Tutors work with students in grades kindergarten through 8th grade. Students eligible for Federal Work-Study qualify to earn a portion of their work award through work as a Northfield Reads and Counts Tutor.
  • Community-Based Work Study Participants: Carleton College, in conjunction with nonprofit community service organizations, offers students the opportunity to earn work-study awards off campus performing jobs in the community interest. This program is designed to create partnerships between Carleton and community organizations with our students serving as the bridge between the organization and the campus. This establishes an important component of engagement between students, the community, and Carleton. Work Study is a state- and federally-funded program that supports part-time employment for eligible students.