Eligibility and Course Descriptions

There are no prerequisites, but a previous course in literature is strongly suggested. Classes will normally meet Monday through Thursday mornings. Lectures, readings, trips, and plays may be scheduled at other times.



English 290: Irish Field Studies (6 credits) S/Cr/NC

Students will do some pre-program background reading.  They will visit numerous sites of literary, historical and political interest throughout Ireland.  They will also design an independent project using research, writing, and images to display their knowledge of Irish literature and culture.
Instructor:  Michael Kowalewski


English 283:   Modern Irish Literature (6 credits)

We will explore Irish culture, history, politics, and art through a study of modern and contemporary Irish literature. Authors read will include the poets William Butler Yeats, Patrick Kavanagh and Seamus Heaney; fiction writers James Joyce, Frank O’Connor and Glenn Patterson; and the dramatist Brian Friel.  We will meet with writers in Belfast and Dublin, as well as attend plays, readings, and lectures.
Instructor:  Michael Kowalewski


English 284: James Joyce’s Ulysses (6 credits)

James Joyce wanted “to write a novel about Dublin so complete that if the city one day suddenly disappeared from the earth, it could be reconstructed out of my book.”  Did he succeed?  We will study Ulysses with Professor Kiberd, an internationally renowned expert on Joyce and Irish literature, editor of the Penguin edition of Ulysses, and author, among other works, of Inventing Ireland and Ulysses and Us.
Instructor:  Declan Kiberd