Spring 2009


How do different cultures mix, and how do they express themselves? Taking Paris as a test case, we will examine how cultural identities evolve, interact, and (sometimes) conflict with one another, especially in the refashioning of what has famously been referred to as “Old Europe.” Examples from Berlin will provide a counterpoint to our investigation of the French experience.

The Program will make extensive use of local resources, both in Paris and Berlin, providing students with a unique opportunity for language immersion, cultural analysis, and personal growth. In addition to classes and excursions, students may pursue activities such as sports, dance, music lessons, etc.


Scott Carpenter, Professor of French, teaches a variety of courses in French and Francophone Studies at Carleton. A specialist in nineteenth-century studies, he has also worked considerably on issues of memory and history in contemporary France. Having lived in France for several years (many of them in Paris), he looks forward to working with students again in this exciting setting.