Planet Carleton

Planet Carleton is a former news aggregation service. As of January 2017, Planet Carleton no longer provides a feed of active sites and blogs. The links below are for historical reference and represent the complete collection of blogs and sites Planet Carleton previously curated.

Each blog has two links below: a direct link to the website and a direct RSS feed url, which you can add to your personal feed reading software to track blogs. 

Recently Active Blogs

(as of January 2017)

Kurt Kohlstedt '02  [RSS Link]

Thomas Glessner Weaver '69  [RSS Link]

Erik Brooks  [RSS Link]

Ken Wedding's CompGov Blog  [RSS Link]

Dan Schofer '00  [RSS Link]

Carleton Athletics  [RSS Link]

Amy Csizmar Dalal  [RSS Link]

Carleton Now  [RSS Link]

John Tischer '71  [RSS Link]

David Ocker '73  [RSS Link]

Avery Morrow '10  [RSS Link]

Tom Swift  [RSS Link]

Nadya Murray '99  [RSS Link]

Ken Wedding's Reading Blog  [RSS Link]

Carleton Livejournal Community  [RSS Link]

Naomi Dietzel Hershiser '99  [RSS Link]

Shrinking Footprints  [RSS Link]

Library News  [RSS Link]

Margaret Taylor  [RSS Link]

Chet Haase  [RSS Link]

Amy Elson '10  [RSS Link]

Arjendu Pattanayak  [RSS Link]

Kevin Draper '10  [RSS Link]

Patrick Ganey  [RSS Link]

Kelly O'Brien '12  [RSS Link]

Cheryl Klein  [RSS Link]

Taryn Dentinger '98  [RSS Link]

Karen Mardahl '79  [RSS Link]

Alicia Hutchison Steffann '94  [RSS Link]

Emily Schwing '05  [RSS Link]

Web Services Group News  [RSS Link]

Benjamin Lenzner  [RSS Link]

Jamie Foehl '99  [RSS Link]

Alison Sommer '05  [RSS Link]

EcBlogue: A Classics Blog  [RSS Link]

Susan Letcher '00  [RSS Link]

Peter Gelman '86  [RSS Link]

Elizabeth Tamny '88  [RSS Link]

Darth Bitsy '06  [RSS Link]

Rebekkah Kerner  [RSS Link]

Kimberly Elson '10  [RSS Link]

Student Video Blog  [RSS Link]

Rachel Teagle  [RSS Link]

Less Active Blogs

Joe Chihade  [RSS Link]

Kayla Berger  [RSS Link]

Julia Larson '13  [RSS Link]

Adam Zang '05  [RSS Link]

Jerry Minkoff  [RSS Link]

Jaye Lawrence  [RSS Link]

Claire Weinberg '12  [RSS Link]

Kirsten Major '88  [RSS Link]

Mike Waggoner '03  [RSS Link]

Hal Edmonson '09  [RSS Link]

Michael Witkovsky '76  [RSS Link]

Collin Hazlett '12  [RSS Link]

Lukas Fried '09  [RSS Link]

Dan Ehrenberg  [RSS Link]

Greg Lohmeyer '05  [RSS Link]

Avery Palmer '00  [RSS Link]

Julia Felix  [RSS Link]

Todd Lund '72  [RSS Link]

The Uninvited Company  [RSS Link]

Shout  [RSS Link]

Knight's Blog  [RSS Link]

Paige A. Bowen  [RSS Link]

Loren Woo '93  [RSS Link]

Amy Reynaldo '88  [RSS Link]

3 Carls 1 Carpet  [RSS Link]

Yam Ki Chan '04  [RSS Link]

Nicolas Brown '97  [RSS Link]

Aaron Kaufman '09  [RSS Link]

Cameron Watkins '05  [RSS Link]

Carleton Democrats  [RSS Link]

Randy Wylde  [RSS Link]

Brandon Walker '09  [RSS Link]

Nathan Henderson-James '92  [RSS Link]

Christopher Tassava  [RSS Link]

Nina Current '03  [RSS Link]

Daniel London  [RSS Link]

Sarah Gilberg '06  [RSS Link]

Jane Sturges  [RSS Link]

Rachel Carroll '08  [RSS Link]

Erica Stoltz  [RSS Link]

Carleton at 72dpi  [RSS Link]

Aidan Lucey '03 and Philip Peters '03  [RSS Link]

Seth Dolman  [RSS Link]

Graham Hough-Cornwell  [RSS Link]

David Ban  [RSS Link]

Sean Montgomery's Blog  [RSS Link]

Drew Forsberg  [RSS Link]

Tyler Kusunoki  [RSS Link]

Arijit Guha  [RSS Link]

Emily Schulman  [RSS Link]

Inactive Blogs

Gulf Coast Blog  [RSS Link]

Ratchet Up John Schott  [RSS Link]

Media Resources  [RSS Link]

Amrit Tuladhar  [RSS Link]

KRLX 88.1 Free Radio Northfield  [RSS Link]

Political Economy on the Road  [RSS Link]

William T. Foxtrot  [RSS Link]

Kate Thornbery  [RSS Link]

Gwen Kirby  [RSS Link]

Larry Sampas  [RSS Link]

Clara Hardy's Sabbatical Blog  [RSS Link]

Roadtrip  [RSS Link]

Alissa Pajer  [RSS Link]

Erik Hanberg  [RSS Link]

Rachel Gordon '92  [RSS Link]

Doug LeMoine '94  [RSS Link]

Christian Ruzich '92  [RSS Link]

Erin McKittrick '01  [RSS Link]

Lev Rickards '03  [RSS Link]

Robert Evans '05  [RSS Link]

Hyo Kim  [RSS Link]

Career Center  [RSS Link]

Katherine Haley Will  [RSS Link]

Julia Scatliff O'Grady '85  [RSS Link]

Hai Ngo '12  [RSS Link]

Alex Voorhees '13  [RSS Link]

Emma Wilhelm '99  [RSS Link]