Oct 11

Convocation: Rochelle Gutiérrez

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Mathematics educator Rochelle Gutiérrez examines how race, class, and language affect teaching and learning.

Friday, October 11th, 2019
10:50 – 11:50 am / Skinner Chapel
Rochelle Gutiérrez

Rochelle Gutiérrez is a professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her scholarship focuses on equity issues in mathematics education, paying particular attention to how race, class, and language affect teaching and learning. Gutiérrez demonstrates how mathematics perpetuates white privilege, and how evaluations of math skills can perpetuate discrimination against minorities. The way our economy places a premium on mathematics skills also gives a form of unearned privilege for math professors, who are disproportionately white. The solution, Gutiérrez contends, goes beyond closing the achievement gap or recruiting more diverse students into the mathematical sciences. Mathematics teachers need to be prepared with much more than just content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, or knowledge of diverse students if they are going to be successful. They must become more aware of the politics that mathematics brings to society. Gutiérrez’ approach is to “rehumanize” mathematics.


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