HOME server update

December 20, 2010
By Austin Robinson-Coolidge

 Note: some of the technical information in this news story may be out of date.

  You will find more up-to-date technical information at this link.


ITS has taken the next step to modernize our network storage by moving the HOME volume to a new server infrastructure.  (HOME has moved from Novell-based servers to Microsoft-based servers.)

Why are we transitioning from Novell services?

In addition to a number of technical improvements and cost savings, we also anticipate an improved experience. 

Here are some examples:

  •     faster network drive access
  •     larger amounts of storage
  •     improved security  

What will this mean for me?

HOME will be unavailable from 6:00 pm on Friday, December 17th until 6:00 pm on Saturday, December 18th.

How will I access HOME from on campus after Dec 17th?

We will update Carleton-owned machines to access HOME in its new location in the following ways:

Faculty & Staff office computers:

Some time between now and December 18th, our KBOX service will automatically update the scripts that map/mount network drives on your machine.  

On Monday, December 20th, Windows users will need to run the Map Network Drives script (under Start: Programs:Map Network Drives) once in order to redo your drive mappings to use the new HOME volume.  Once you have run Map Network Drives once, your machine will continue to map/mount HOME the same way it does now.


Computer Labs:

We will be updating all labs on campus throughout the break.  Due to the number of lab computers, there may be a period of time when certain machines will map/mount both the old and new versions of HOME. 

These machines will display instructions on the desktop directing people to the correct version.  PLEASE NOTE:  Technical limitations  require a second login prompt in Windows on lab and classroom machines in order to mount the new version of HOME.  If you don't want to use HOME during that session, you can click cancel on this second login window.  This second login prompt will not be required after the lab and classroom machines begin running Windows 7, during the summer of 2011.


Student (or other) personally owned computers:

Please view the updated instructions for mapping/mounting network drives here:  


What about accessing HOME from off-campus after Dec 17th?

To access HOME from off-campus after December 17th, please follow the directions found here:


(Please note that these instructions may change once COLLAB and COURSES have transitioned in the summer of 2011.)

What about accessing COLLAB and COURSES from off-campus after Dec 17th?

You can continue to access COLLAB and COURSES from off-campus using your web browser (via Novell Netstorage):

When will the other volumes (such as COLLAB and COURSES) be moved?

We are looking at moving these volumes after Spring Term is over, in the summer of 2011.