Flashback trojan

April 11, 2012

Hello Carls!

This message is about malware that is infecting Macintosh computers around the world.  If you use a Mac at work or at home, please read on.

There are two, separate responses to the malware (named "Flashback") that is infecting Mac computers.

1) Update your Mac software, now and regularly. 

The process is relatively simple:

    a) Click on the Apple in the upper left-hand corner of your Mac.
    b) Select "Software Update ..."

   The computer will check for Apple updates (this may take a minute or two).
       If it finds any, you will be prompted to install them.  (It is generally recommended to install any
       and all that it finds.)
   You may be prompted for your username and password.
   You may be required to reboot as part of the update process.

In general, it's a good idea to do this process often (daily or weekly), or set up your Mac to check for new
software automatically, using the following steps:  Click on the Apple in the left-hand corner of your Mac,
choose "System Preferences ..." ,  then click on "Software Update".

If you need assistance, please call the ITS helpdesk at 507-222-5999  (on campus, x5999).

2) Check to see if your Mac is infected with Flashback. 

This process may seem somewhat complicated.  Therefore, please call the ITS helpdesk at 507-222-5999 
(on campus, x5999) if you would like help.

    Download the Flashfake Removal Tool at the following URL: 


    Double-click the zip file to unzip it.
    Double-click the unzipped file (named "Flashfake Removal Tool").
    When it opens, click the "Start scan" button.
    You will be required to type your username and password to complete the scan.
    The program should notify you of any Flashback infections it finds, and remove them.

If the removal tool found any infections, you should change your Carleton password.

  You can change your password on the Carleton password changing page:



Thank you for helping to keep your data safe, and your computers free of infections!