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Seminar Goals and Structure

This seminar has two primary goals.

  1. We seek to launch a collaborative scholarly community through seminar meetings, group site visits, seminar-sponsored lunches and dinners, lots of conversation, and ample time in week five for individuals to share their research.
  2. We seek to provide each individual scholar a context in which and support through which they can achieve their own research and teaching objectives using the tremendous resources available in the City as extensively as possible in the time available.

To facilitate both of these goals we have designed our weekly schedule to integrate our seminars with the needs of independent research. During the first four weeks, therefore, the normal pattern of the seminar will be seminar meetings on Monday and Thursday (approx.3-6pm or 4-7pm), and half-day site visit(s) on Tuesday. This leaves mornings, as well as Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, available for scholars to pursue their own research agendas in addition to seminar preparation.

In the final week, seminar participants will have the opportunity to present on their research through both seminar presentations and site visits (when possible and if desired). Seminar leaders will also schedule guest speakers in the evenings with group dinners to follow in order to enhance seminar content and to provide additional opportunities for seminar participants to talk about their projects with a wider range of scholars.

Additional site visits may also be arranged, depending on opportunities in Rome and participant interests.

Week III includes an additional full-day site visit outside the city which we propose for Friday.