Who's Coming?

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year! 

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your name to be reflected on this page after registering.  Thank you for your understanding.

144 attendee(s) for the class of 1985

AttendeesFromDate Registered
Kari (Felien) AndradeNCJune 18
Michael BeasleyCAMay 26
Dianne BellMNApril 17
Anne (Koskinen) BurgesonMNApril 2
Glen CarletonNJMay 19
Naomi (Ikeda) Chow and Dominic Chow
  • Carlton Chow
HIMarch 3
Mr. Scot A. CoveyMNJune 18
Rezonn Dahlin-KleinWIApril 21
Mr. William DeweyCAJune 18
Jonathan DingsCOMay 13
Ted DurantWIMay 30
Ms. Jane E. Fenton
  • Clifford Martin
  • Eddie Martin
MNJune 18
Michael Florey and Cathy Gantek
  • Rebekah Florey
MNApril 13
Luis FrankelHIMarch 2
Tom Freedman and Karin Freedman
  • Abigail Freedman
  • Matthew Freedman
  • Noah Freedman
DCMay 20
Ted Goessling and Jacquelynn (Cowdery) Goessling
  • Louis Goessling
  • Thanh Minh Goessling
MNMay 8
Jacquelynn (Cowdery) GoesslingMNJune 18
Bob GoldmanORApril 19
Pete GrebnerWIMay 9
Mr. Stuart E. Grubb and Susan (Baxter) Grubb ’86MNJune 18
Dave HaaseILMay 2
John HarrisVAJune 17
Joe HartenOHApril 12
Ms. Andrea L. HowlandCOJune 18
Mr. Colin C. HubbardILJune 18
Cristi (Hamilton) HunnesMTApril 15
Sarah HydeMDMay 28
Sarah Jamieson ShrumCOApril 20
Mr. William E. KennedyCAJune 18
Sallie KetchamMNApril 10
Brigitte (Breuer) Ketterson, Zak Ketterson, Jan Ketterson, and Jim Ketterson ’86MNJune 3
Char Kimball Steinke
  • Abigail Steinke
MNJune 19
Mr. Theodore J. Kinnaman and Caroline Schweiter
  • Virginia Schweiter
MDJune 18
Andrea (Hill) KreznarWIMay 1
Chris Larsen and Mr. Scott E. PetersonMNApril 10
Mr. Scott E. PetersonMNJune 18
Mr. Eric D. Larson and Ting Ting Cheng ’86
  • Anna Larson-Cheng
MNJune 18
Jim Lee and Jean (Miller) LeeNCApril 5
Jean (Miller) LeeNCJune 18
Mr. Terence B. LeeMAJune 18
David Lefkowitz and Lizzie Lathrop ’84MNMay 22
Mr. Thomas J. LentzMNJune 18
Jean Lewis
  • Paul Rudie
MDJune 14
Cindy (Hazelwood) Lutz and David LutzMNJune 18
Steev LynnVTApril 4
Sarah (Ladner) MarisNJFebruary 23
Ms. Jeninne C. McGee
  • Carl McGee
MNJune 18
Ms. Robin D. McLemoreWIJune 18
Ms. Marya J. McNeish and Mr. Robert A. RobinsonNCJune 18
Mr. Robert A. RobinsonNCJune 18
ST McWhinnie and Jayanti BanerjeeMIApril 29
Jamie MilavetzUTApril 28
Brad MillerWAMarch 30
Gordon Moore and Meredith MooreMNApril 12
Betsy (Wibiralske) MuellenbachWIMay 9
Mary Pat (Klimek) Muhlena and David MuhlenaIAMarch 2
Kathy Neff
  • Eric Holdhusen
MTApril 25
Julia (Scatliff) O'Grady and Brian O'Grady
  • Frances O'Grady
  • Trygve O'Grady
NCJune 18
Dr. Gregory S. H. OgawaNMJune 18
Deb ParkerMNFebruary 23
Maria PetersonCAMarch 2
Jon PettigrewMay 24
Liz Phillips and Tom Buchmueller
  • Adam Buchmueller
MIApril 10
Kirstin (Wortman) PiresWIMarch 17
Kyle (MacKay) RivesOKMay 11
Joe Rosen and Beverly Rosen
  • Zayne Rosen
WYMarch 16
Elizabeth (Gerig) Rowley, Mr. Steven P. Rowley, and Ph.D.NJJune 18
Mr. Steven P. Rowley, Ph.D.NJJune 18
Kathy (Buckman) Ruby and Mr. Matthew C. RubyMEMay 31
Mr. Matthew C. RubyMEJune 18
Helen (Erwin) SchinskeWAMarch 14
Constance (Campbell) SchlundtMNJune 18
Daniel SchnurCAJune 9
Sally (Billstrom) Schroeder and Mark Schroder
  • Meghan Schroeder
  • Nils Schroeder
CAApril 8
Michael Schwartz and Susan SchwartzCAMarch 24
Michael ShalerCOApril 15
Julie Smith and David GreinORJune 1
Ms. Emily StevensMNJune 18
Meg StevensIAMay 16
Margaret Sullivan and Jon ParshallMNApril 28
Patrick SullivanNJJune 1
Clay TaylorMNFebruary 28
Susan (Rodkin) Thompson and Jim ThompsonILJune 18
Mr. Bryon E. TierneyKYJune 18
Shannon (Hofstrand) Truempi
  • Michael Truempi
MNMarch 8
Alison UngerMNApril 21
Jackie Walcome
  • Gemma Hertz
MNMarch 2
Jane (Robinson) Ward and Mr. Richard R. WardMDJune 18
Mr. Richard R. WardMDJune 18
Tracie WashingtonLAJune 17
Jennifer (Rothwell) Werrell and Brad WerrellAZMay 31
James D. White, Ph.D. and Laura WhitePAJune 18
Beth WigginsMNMay 4
Eric WilliamsenPAApril 1
Mike WittgrafNDMay 10
Leslie (Bartl) WrightIAJune 18
John YoungNYMarch 1
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