Who's Coming

The lists below show attendees' preferred names as listed in Carleton's alumni database. Name tags generated for Reunion weekend reflect any other preference entered during registration.

All alumni, regardless of class affiliation, are welcome to attend Reunion each year! 

Please note that it may take up to 48 hours for your name to be reflected on this page after registering.  Thank you for your understanding.

60 attendee(s) who majored in Geology

Attendees by class yearFromDate Registered
Ray Asp ’50MNFebruary 27
Bruce Anderson ’55CAApril 27
Fletcher Driscoll ’55MNMarch 25
Mac Mouat ’55MOMarch 17
Mr. Rene E. Fournier ’60COJune 18
Mike McLanahan ’60PAApril 20
Alain Kahil ’64CanadaApril 30
Bobb Carson ’65PAMarch 26
Mr. James M. Robertson ’65WIJune 18
Jan (Conway) Tullis ’65RIJune 18
Chuck Kureth ’70INMarch 1
Mr. Scott W. Fischmann ’75MNJune 18
Emily Wrubel ’75NHJune 18
Susan (Stoddard) Goodspeed ’76MNJune 18
Alison (Krafft) Rempel ’78CAMarch 9
Karin (Hargie) Anderson ’80ILJune 18
Ms. Jean K. Buchanan ’80WIJune 18
Fred Seymour ’80COApril 8
Mark G. Timmerman, M.D. ’80WIJune 18
Don Frost ’83MDMay 25
Ms. Mary E. McMillan Magee ’84COJune 18
Mr. Glen B. Carleton ’85NJJune 18
Mr. William Dewey ’85CAJune 18
Mr. Stuart E. Grubb ’85MNJune 18
Jean (Miller) Lee ’85NCJune 18
ST McWhinnie ’85MIApril 29
Mr. Bradford C. Miller ’85WAJune 18
Jon Parshall ’85MNApril 28
Maria Peterson, Ph.D. ’85CAJune 18
Brad Werrell ’85AZMay 31
Susan (Baxter) Grubb ’86MNJune 18
Mr. Clifton L. Levin ’87COJune 18
Mr. Steven O. Helgen ’90COJune 18
Sharon (Stern) Kahn ’90WIApril 8
Mr. John D. Ostergren ’90MNJune 18
Rex Nystrom ’92MNApril 30
Aron Clymer ’94CAMarch 30
Tripp Bishop ’95COApril 23
Dan Fehler ’95MNMay 27
Mr. Michael N. Gaud ’95CAJune 18
Mr. Francis J. Ridolfi ’95CAJune 18
Mr. Scott M. Propson ’96IAJune 18
Kristin (Ulstad) Propson ’98IAMay 7
Mr. Thomas A. Alcivar ’00MNJune 18
Andy Lorenz ’05ILMarch 30
Ellen K. Schaal, Ph.D. ’05WIJune 18
Louise (Miltich) Segroves ’05MNApril 17
Rebekah (Lundquist) Johnson ’06MNJune 18
Mr. Cliff A. Swanson ’07MNJune 18
Lila Battis ’10NYMarch 2
Mr. Nathan S. Evenson ’10AZJune 18
Sarah Crump ’10COMarch 24
Ms. Kimberly J. Elson ’10CAJune 18
Jordan Epstein ’10CAFebruary 23
Sam Kanner ’10CAApril 30
Zach Montes ’10WYJune 18
Mr. Nathaniel A. Ryan ’10MNJune 18
Julia Schwarz ’10WAMarch 2
Ms. Chelsea P. Scott ’10NYJune 18
Ms. Sophie G. Williams ’10WAJune 18
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