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Varsity Athletics

Carleton Athletics

Carleton SAAC: Current Events and Projects

Annual Carleton SAAC Events (by Term):

  • Fall Term
    "Halloween Knights" Carnival
    Knight Games (Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball, Golf)
  • Winter Term
    Knight Games (Swimming and Diving, Basketball, Indoor Track and Field)
  • Spring Term
    Carleton Triathlon
    "Take me out to the Bald Spot" student-faculty softball game
    Division III Week
    Senior Varsity Athletic Banquet
    Knight Games (Tennis, Outdoor Track and Field, Tennis, Golf, Softball, Baseball)

Current and Upcoming Carleton SAAC Projects:

  • Positive Perceptions of Student-Athletes
  • Special Olympics
  • Concession Sales
  • Promotion of Carleton Athletics and Events