Census 2010 at Carleton

This year the the federal government is embarking on its 2010 Census count, a crucial index that will determine how political power, social resources, and federal money are distributed for the next ten years. Carleton is doing its part to make sure that a complete and accurate count is obtained, and there are a number of ways to get involved.

Census banner 

To encourage participation in this year's Census, ACE is collaborating with the Art Gallery's Latin American Posters Exhibit to sponsor a Census poster competition inspired by the rich tradition of this form of visual communication. The winner receives $200 and will have their poster distributed across Rice County to encourage residents to fill out their Census forms.


  • Dimensions of 11" x 17"
  • Texts and images that encourage residents to fill out Census forms or emphasize the importance and safety of doing so.
  • In English, Latino, Somali or Arabic.
  • Bold, Clean images that are culturally appropriate

E-mail your submissions to
Wendy Nordquist by February 22nd.

Attached to this page you'll find some example of posters produced by the Census Bureau, more of which are available on their website. Powerful examples of Latin American posters are on display in the Carleton Art Gallery, with previews online.

In designing a poster for this competition, it will be worthwhile to keep in mind why the Census is important. Its purpose is not just to provide data for college papers--although it certainly does that too--the Census determines how federal power and money are distributed among localities and regions. This is especially critical for a district like Rice County, where a low count means that resources aren't provided to those in our region who need them. See the Census site or the attached PowerPoint file for more information.

For more information as well as specific application guidelines, check out: http://go.carleton.edu/census