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Arts Union Work Continues With New Addition Footings, Electrical Service Connection

September 8, 2010 at 2:33 pm

Work continues full steam ahead on the Carleton Arts Union, scheduled for an opening in September 2011.

The abatement and demolition work is on schedule and the contractor is starting excavation for the new addition footings. More noticeable on campus and leading to the building site is the extension of the campus electrical service and distribution system. This will serve the electrical needs of the Arts Union facility project to provide the Arts Union with the same reliable electrical service serving the main campus buildings, including backup power from the College generators. 

Beginning Monday, August 30, excavation and installation started. This work will start at the utility tunnel south of Willis Hall and progress south past the east side of the following properties: Scoville; across First Street; past Johnson/Alumni Guest House; Strong House; across Second Street; past Jones, Rice, 216 College, and Page houses; across Third Street; and into the Arts Union site. The trench will be approximately two feet wide by four feet deep and will be back-filled and restored as they go. Road closures and detours will be indicated as needed while they work across the streets.

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