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Sunday 02/01/2015

Saturday 01/31/2015

  • Alissa Pajer: Affordable Health Insurance Quotes Affordable Health Insurance Quotes Affordable Health Insurance is finally here. Thanks to the Internet, you can quickly and easily find a wealth of important information online about all different types of Health Insurance plans, coverage’s, rates and get ... more

  • Ken Wedding's CompGov Blog: Procedural democracy

    I noticed that over the past couple weeks quite a few people have been reading a teaching comparative post titled "Procedural democracy" from April 2008. As I look at that post, I'm reminded that it does illuminate important features of ... more
  • Dan Schofer '00: 1-31-2015

    Town Loop. 52 minutes. 7 miles.
    Chilly (25 degrees) and breezy. Out the door at 6:05 AM. Slow and easy run.
  • David Ocker '73: Down Time - Autumn 2014 (short version)

    Does anyone still play bridge, two couples, tricks and trumps?  Always seemed like a waste of time to me.  Still, people are entitled to use their spare moments however they want.  Some people sure must have a lot of them. ... more

Friday 01/30/2015

Thursday 01/29/2015

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