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Wednesday 05/18/2016

  • John Tischer '71: Guest poet: Daniel Dragomirescu

                     to Joe Bardy Tisch, a man whith a lot of destinies
    Like with all of us,
    I had apportioned a few destinies,
    crammed one into the other
    according to some ... more
  • John Tischer '71: Door Number Three

    What's behind 
    door number three?
    You're already thinking:
    "Ah!  A mystery!"

    You really, really, really,
    really want to know.
    If I said I won't tell you,
    you'd shout: "That's not fair!"

    If I said there is no
    door number ... more
  • Dan Schofer '00: 5-18-2016

    Town + Track. 69 minutes. 10 miles.
    Mild (60 degrees), sunny, and nice! Warm-up 4 miles plus 6x100 strides. Then 12 x 400 w/ 200 jog (rest avg. 1:50 total) in 73-77 (avg. 75.7). Felt pretty good. Cool-down 1.5 miles.
  • Dan Schofer '00: 5-17-2016

    Ink Road. 68 minutes. 10 miles.
    Easy run with middle 4 miles steady in 25:11 (6:12, 6:14, 6:27, 6:18). Felt pretty good.
  • Dan Schofer '00: 5-16-2016

    Treadmill. 29 minutes. 4 miles.
    Easy run in 29:05. Felt fine.
  • Dan Schofer '00: 5-16-2016

    Henik Road. 49 minutes. 7 miles.
    Easy run plus 8x100 strides. Felt OK.

Tuesday 05/17/2016

Monday 05/16/2016

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