Scholarship Information

College Board® Scholarships

The College Board® offers three different types of scholarships. There are scholarships offered for redesigned subjects, the Fellows Program designed for underrepresented and low-income populations, and the Rural Fellows Program for teachers in rural school districts. To learn more about these different opportunities, please visit the College Board® website.

If you receive a College Board® scholarship it covers the workshop tuition of $725. If you elect to stay on campus there is an additional charge that is your responsibility (or your school district).

After completing our online registration form, please forward the scholarship email you received from the College Board® to so we may apply the scholarship to your tuition cost.

Minnesota Teacher Scholarships

Minnesota teachers who are teaching or plan to teach an AP® course are eligible for a scholarship from the state. This year, the Minnesota Department of Education expects to reimburse school districts at least $600 for tuition and $125 or more for room and board for each teacher attending an Advanced Placement* Summer Institute. Minnesota scholarships are available for public and non-public teachers who are teaching or plan to teach an AP course in 2019-20. The school or district will be responsible for the initial cost of the training. Approved scholarships are paid directly to the school or district.

Please contact Traci Valentino, Minnesota Department of Education at 651-582-8336 for further information.

Download and Print the Minnesota Teacher Scholarship Application

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