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How do I restore a Moodle from before 2014-2015?

1. Go to https://moodle-archive.carleton.edu and click the button for the academic year you need. 

2. In the Moodle archive for that year, find the class you want to restore.

3. Choose the Backup option from the administration tab this will download a file to your computer. Below is displayed the Moodle for the previous two years for previous years see either this video for 2013-2014 or this video for 2012-2013


4. Backup will bring you to a screen with a number of options, just press Next. The following screen Schema Settings will have all of the assignments, activities, forums, etc. from your course, you will want to uncheck News Forum and leave the rest, if you forget don't worry you can delete it later. Press Next twice more and then where the Next button was, it will say Preform Backup. Click it.

5. Next you will log in to the current year's Moodle and navigate to the class you are restoring.

6. Again under the administration tab, you will click on Restore.


7.  Next you will upload your backup file from step 3. Simply drag the file from where you downloaded it, to the Drag/drop Box.

8. Continue or Next through the first page. On the second page, Destination, choose the option Merge the backup into this course. DO NOT CHOOSE Delete the contents of this course and then restore.

restore, merge 

9. Click Next through Settings and Schema. Note if you did not delete News Forum in step three, you will want to do it under the Schema page by unchecking it. Finally click Restore Backup.

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